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Product Description

Vacuum Packaging Machine/ Medical Grade TYVEK Blister Packaging Machine/ Disc Blister Packaging Machine/ Continuous Blister Packaging Machine/ Shrink Packaging Machine/ Automatic L-type Sealer/ Date Printer/ Carton Sealing Machine/ Carton Opener/ Film Wrapping Machine/ Sealer and other packaging machinery.

Medical Blister Sealer

Sealing PET, PVC, PC blister and medical biotechnology TYVEK paper, direct heat type, all kinds of output have corresponding machine, high stability, time-saving, aesthetic, almost no maintenance needed, suitable for dental materials, orthopedic material fillings, disposable surgical medical equipment, surgical instruments for internal surgery, vaccines, biochips, medicines, etc., many medical companies have used it. Welcome to call us.



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Founded more than 20 years ago, Well Sheng machineryco., LTD. is a professional packaging machinery manufacturer, mainly producing vacuum machine, blister machine, TYVEK blister sealing machine, shrinking machine, sealing machine, unpacking machine, sealing Box machine, film wrapping machine, date printer and whole factory automated packaging planning, contact areas such as food and food materials, bulk raw materials, chemical raw materials, medical biotechnology, electronic products, printed products and raw materials, garment packaging, rear packaging, whole plant packaging line Design and so on.